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Recap makes it easy to invest sustainably. We help you invest in companies that commit to building a better world, without sacrificing returns.

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Your portfolios can be a way to help solve important issues like Climate Change.

Know Your Portfolio, Understand Your Impact

Choose any combination from our 9 Impact Areas.

Understand the difference your portfolio is having with Impact Dollars, Recap’s proprietary metric for measuring impact.

Take it one step further with Impact Stories, curated analysis to help you understand the company activities that contribute to impact.

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Built for Performance AND Impact

Recap’s data-driven investing technology combines the latest innovations in “ESG” (Environmental, Social, Governance) and impact research with Nobel Prize-winning financial models.

You get a personalized portfolio strategy uniquely designed for the impact you want to have and built to track the market efficiently.

Hypothetical return of a $100 portfolio.

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Get Started in 3 Easy Steps

1. Set your financial goals
Tell us about yourself and your financial goals. This lets us build the portfolio most suitable for your unique situation.

We’ve made this process as easy as possible.

2. Choose your impact areas
Continue by telling us which impact areas mean the most to you. Choose any combination of our nine Recap Impact Areas to best reflect the issues you care about.

Our impact areas are fashioned around the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

3. See your portfolio’s impact
Finally, we show you a portfolio preview including your personalized impact and historical model portfolio performance. Here you’re able to make final adjustments as you prefer.

When you’re all set, we help you open and fund your account.

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Welcome to Early Access!

Welcome to Early Access!

Our team has been dreaming, thinking, and working tirelessly on this product and we’re excited to share this with you. Read more about our the beginning of our CEO’s journey to use finance as a force for good.

Recap is a sustainable investing platform that enables you to easily invest in companies that share the same environmental and social values as you.

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