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Our Impact Areas

To achieve a better and more sustainable future, the United Nations created Sustainable Development Goals. They address the global environmental and social challenges we face. The UN SDGs serve as the blueprint for our core impact areas.

Sustainable Energy

Invest in companies creating solutions for the production of energy from renewable sources. 

Climate Action

Modern solutions to address climate change. Sustainable production, responsible consumption.

Clean Water & Oceans

Preserve and protect our water resources to prevent against water poverty. 

Sustainable Cities & Communities

Clean, smart, and efficient communities. 

Gender Equality

Promote game-changers accelerating progress for gender equality in pay and career opportunities.

Poverty & Basic Needs

Help those most in need by improving access to nutrition, basic services, and shelter.

Health & Well-being

Ensure healthy lives, and promote well-being for all at all ages.

Quality Education

Support companies providing products and services that offer quality education to all.

Safeguarding Peace

Invest now to protect peace, provide security and reduce violence.

Recap is a sustainable investing platform that enables you to easily and transparently invest only in the companies that share the same environmental and social vision as you.