Recap. Investing with Purpose

Written by The Recap Team

Times are changing. The need to improve the world for ourselves and future generations has become all the more urgent. We are collectively thinking about the bigger picture.

When we came together to develop this business, the Recap founders sought to create a product that generates both healthy returns and a positive impact on the world. Our shared vision is to build an investing experience that reflects your purpose.  

We’ve tried to achieve this in a way that is transparent, easy to understand, and authentic to our personal purpose as founders. Each step along the journey for us has been with these goals in mind. 

Recap’s Mission Can Be Yours

Our mission-driven model helps you connect with your own causes.  We understand that investing with your values can mean a variety of things. Perhaps you are interested in supporting sustainable energy initiatives, want to find ways to curb climate change, or are interested in promoting gender equality. 

The bottom-line is more than just about dollars and cents—you can make a difference in the world and feel purpose through the financial investments you make. While as a single investor, you may not feel as though your money makes that much difference, but just as in a democracy, when the few become the many, big things can happen. Together, we can change the world.

Recap’s Ethos

We are builders. We have built customized, values-aligned portfolios to make sustainability the simple and smart choice for investors. We aspire to bring you the best in investing technology and raise the bar for sustainable investing for all investors. As we confront the current healthcare crisis together and envision the future we want to build, we are working even harder to introduce a product to help you feel empowered to contribute positively to the world. Building it has certainly invigorated us and we hope that allowing you, the investor to align your money with your values will similarly give you a greater sense of purpose.

Let’s Think Bigger—Together

Recap wants you to invest in companies that are building a better world. What’s currently happening in the world amplifies what was already important. What’s your purpose? Let’s recapture it together.

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What does it mean to be a sustainable investor?

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Recap is a sustainable investing platform that enables you to easily and transparently invest only in the companies that share the same environmental and social vision as you.

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